Thank You!

Thank you for attending the LoserRX Workshop with Dr. Joseph Carver on May 20th. I sincerely hope you found the workshop helpful and informative. We have had many requests for follow-up workshops. Although we are not planning another workshop until the fall, many of you also requested support group information.

If you would be interested in participating in a LoserRX support group, please let us know. In creating a support group it would be helpful to know whether your area of need or interest is interpersonal relationships (romantic/dating/marriage), family/friend or work related.

Also, please tell us what days and times are best for you, and anything else that might help us create a support group that meets your needs.
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How to Identify, Avoid or Detach from Manipulators, Controllers & Abusers

“Losers” are defined by Dr. Joseph Carver as high risk individuals who typically have Antisocial, Histrionic, Borderline or Narcissistic personality disorders. It is alarming to learn that over 15% of the population have these disorders.

With over 30 years in clinical practice, Dr. Carver has helped victims and potential victims of abusers, controllers and manipulators safely and effectively detach from these destructive and soul-destroying relationships.

At the LoserRx Workshop, Dr. Carver will explain that “losers” are not only found in dating relationships – but in spouses, parents, friends, relatives and even the workplace. And he’ll show us how to resolve, manage or end these unhealthy relationships.

“The victims of the Loser often feel isolated and even embarrassed, as they are told THEY are the person with the problem – not the Loser.”

- Dr. Joseph Carver