“While the term “Loser” might sound like we are making light of the subject, losers are really people who cause tremendous chaos, drama and distress in relationships - from work colleagues to friends, from family to romantic partners. And they repeat this pattern, carrying dysfunctional and damaging behavior from job to job, marriage to marriage, relationship to relationship, even from parent to child. No matter how beautiful, perfect or promising the relationship seems in the beginning, losers eventually bring financial, emotional, psychological, and sometimes even, physical abuse with them, wherever they go.”

- Dr. Joseph Carver

LoserRx Workshops address the specific and troubling relationship needs
of those who find themselves involved with people who might be called “Losers”.

While it may not be easy to identify a loser before you become involved with one, it can be even harder to detach from them. For as delightful and determined as they are to win you, they are even more determined to keep you…perhaps not
so delightfully.

Losers are typically charming and sweet in the initial stages of a relationship. It is only later that their true selves bleed through. By that time, you may be hooked.

Anyone who has ever been involved with a loser knows how hard it is to get away. They think nothing of calling or emailing 20 times a day, showing up at your office, your home, the gym, where you eat breakfast, anywhere you just happen to be. They’ll cry, beg, plead, insult, threaten, send gifts. They bear down on you emotionally, making you feel guilt and pity, until you finally give up and give in.

Conducted by Dr. Joseph Carver, LoserRx Workshops help victims and potential victims of losers to identify, avoid or detach from these destructive and soul-destroying relationships. He shows that these behaviors are not only found in dating relationships - but in spouses, parents, friends and relatives.

At the LoserRx Workshop you’ll learn: