Spotting a “Loser”…

Unfortunately at first glance, they rarely look like losers. That’s what makes them so appealing…and so dangerous. They can be charming. They may arouse your pity. Or they come on like romantic super heroes. It’s this deceptive cover that hooks you in, but it’s the inevitable reveal that brings you down.

LoserRx is for anyone - man, woman, child, parent or friend - who is
affected by a troubling relationship. Anyone in any walk of life can be the victim of a “loser”.

Losers show up in all environments: the co-worker who makes your daily life a misery; a spouse who demeans and fills you with self-doubt; a dating partner who, wonderful at first, becomes a treacherous Jekyll & Hyde; a parent whose own issues or personality disorders deeply affect you; a sibling who never quite “gets it together”; a friend who is always in financial trouble.

Or you may be on the outside looking in - a parent, family member or friend watching someone you love descend into the darkness of a loser relationship.

Do you spend too much time worrying about your relationship? Trying to figure out what’s wrong? Rationalizing what’s right?

A bad relationship doesn’t just hurt your heart, it destroys your self-confidence, causes depression, saps your energy, and creates guilt and self-doubt. Over time a relationship with a loser sucks the very lifeblood out of you. Remaining in a destructive relationship is soul-destroying - eating you alive with feelings of failure, loss, anger and emptiness.

Do you find yourself going back again and again? Trying to fix what’s broken? Wondering if you’re the problem?

You’re not alone. Manipulators, controllers or abusers always manage to find a way back in…through intense words of love, the smallest acts of kindness, arousing your pity, zeroing in on your guilt, fear and empathy, or just plain old “pushing your buttons”. They are always charming when they want to come back. No lie is too big to tell if it suits their agenda. It’s not about you and never will be. It’s all about them and what they need, want, are entitled to.

How did I get into this? Why do I stay? How can I fix it?

Many otherwise smart, intelligent, sensitive, productive people get into, or remain in toxic relationships AGAINST THEIR BETTER JUDGEMENT.

The emotional memory of what it was like when it was fresh and new, when you believed you’d found your soulmate, the perfect job, a great boss, a new friend, keep you hooked. So you stay and try to fix the unfixable. But the unfixable doesn’t get fixed. You just get more broken. (And, often, more $$$$ broke.) Others can see what’s going on. Why can’t we?

The answer is we can, but the relationship has weakened us so that we are unable to act in our own best interest.

If I do finally leave, will they be nicer to someone else?

NO! They are what they are. And sooner or later, they will be themselves.

How can I begin to reclaim my life?

Register for the LoserRx Workshop today.

If you think you or someone you love is the victim of emotional, psychological, financial or physical abuse, The LoserRx Workshop is for you. You’ll acquire the tools to identify, avoid and detach from manipulators, controllers and abusers. And you’ll laugh, learn and discover that you are not alone.